Charlotte’s Hip Hop Scene is Ready to Soar

There’s no question there’s something brimming under the surface. The door is open – we just have to step through it. The sound, soul, and culture that define us, Charlotte and the Carolinas, are just waiting to be defined. Biltmore Records is seizing the moment and beginning to capture the rare breed that is our “Carolina Sound.”

We are not the only ones who notice that our musical scene is a fledging bird about to take flight. Check out what other people are saying about Charlotte Hip-Hop. had this to say about our place in the music industry:

The best thing about Charlotte Hip-Hop is that it is sooo versatile. This versatility also obstructs Charlotte from placing its rap city tac on the hip-hop map.

The hip-hop sound of the Queen City is so dynamic that it has yet to be defined. I quite love this undefined quality of my city’s hip-hop music scene. However, when it comes to the music industry marketing machine, categorizing an artist into a particular genre (or in this case: identifying a unified sound of a city) is one of THE most essential components in the development of an effective music marketing campaign

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