Mc-ing Helps kids learn – Is there hope for Hip-Hop?

Today the lyrics in popular rap songs are supposedly based off of real life experiences (cough), and admittedly a lot of it is negative. In this video it shows how rap can be used as a positive force to help kids learn. Isn’t it funny to see kids struggle with their grades in school but can somehow recite every word of the latest rap song without missing a beat? I believe that this is the true intent for Hip-Hop, to sing songs and learn from each other’s knowledge and real experience in a fun and creative way. KRS-1 said it best “Rappers create rhymes that are mostly illegal while MC create rhymes to uplift the people”.

Kids in this program are attending school more often, getting better grades and aspiring to be more. Not for nothing but the majority of the new music out there is just misguiding. It has no culture, no knowledge and is driven to whatever popular trend is created and supported by major corporations (weather you want to believe it or not) that lack creativity. No I’m never hating, I listen to any artist that makes real music representing a real place. However, if this concept spreads then there is the possibility of bringing that light back into hip-hop and cultivating the next generation by taking steps to move it in the right direction.