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Technology | New Droid Hologram Phone Comercial

Smartphone-sized 3D projectors promise Star Wars-style hologram calls. Last week the The Wall Street Journal reported that a company called Ostendo Technologies Inc.(Buy Stock) created a chip that can control the color, brightness and angle of individual beams of light across one million pixels. What that means is that this Hologram phone commercial may not be that far off in the future. Again To see the future of technology, all you have to do is pay close attention to sci-fi movies.(DVICE)

Scientist Prove Thoughts & Intentions Create Physical Reality

Water is shapeless and formless but its molecular structure can be changed by the ideas placed around it. There are recent scientific studies that have shown how the actual structure is changed based on sound variations and ideals within the environment. The studies even show changes to the water molecules strictly based on music or sound. So imagine the impact music has on the body that is made up of 95% water. Check out this in-depth article on The Mind Unleashed.

Technology: Security drones patrolling cities in the near future

If you ever read the book 1984 that coined the phrase “big brother is watching” you would agree that what we could only imagine decades ago is now becoming a reality. Not focusing on the book’s communistic concept but the idea of this kind of technology being used in general civilian area’s for protection is awesome. Cyber Security is a hot topic and drones assisting with physical security within our cities does not sound like a bad thing. Even in Tom Cruse’s recent film Oblivion they depicted drones securing the parameter and making sure that all areas of the planet were secure. The bottom line is this, what we used to see in sci-fi movies like Star Track, StarGate, Star Wars etc. could be reality in the near future.


As I mentioned in an earlier post KUKA Robotics developed a robotic arm that they said could match the speed and accuracy of German table tennis legend Timo Boll. A duel was set for March 11th and we thought it was pretty interesting to watch the precision of the arm matched against a human. Timo Boll actually won! Well Done.


Science & Technology

Currently there are only four established elements in Hip-Hop. They include Graffiti Art, B-boy Dance Culture, MC / Rap and DJ ing. I always say the 5th element is Fashion but not everyone I speak to agree on that. This Blog started out with the idea of strictly focusing on these core elements; however we also recognized that science and technology are a big part of Hip-Hop culture as well. Today there is no question about the influence music has on the world especially the youth. From the beginning the pioneers considered Hip-Hop as both an art and science, so we are simply continuing to build on that foundation. Also, for people interested there are all sorts of science and engineering programs out there. In Charlotte they even offer Robotics Engineering summer youth programs at NC State University.

Technology | Next-Generation Artificial Skin can be used for skin grafting and Robotics

Remember the evil robot Ash from the movie Aliens, or Lieutenant Data from Star Track the next generation? Well the new trials for Artificial Skin were a success, showing that the developments in artificial skin production are very close to the real thing. So paired with recent developments in robotics, things could start to get really interesting. The study produced a Gel-like scaffolding populated with blood and lymph cells. After a period of incubation, the skin was grafted onto a test subject and actually did regulate fluid content meaning that it was able to repair itself the way human skin repairs itself after a cut or injury. Technology is advancing at a rate unparalleled in centuries past. (


TECHNOLOGY | BLACK PHONE A New Android-based Phone Built Around Privacy

Later this month at the Mobile World Congress, held annually in Barcelona, a new company will introduce a smartphone considered to be the most secure device ever for doing voice and text communication and Web browsing in complete privacy. The Phone is the product of a U.S. Company Silent Circle that created Secure Phone, along with the Spanish hardware manufacturer Geeks Phone. Silent Circle was also founded by Phil Zimmermann, creator of PGP encryption method. Black Phone is being billed as the first integrated smartphone from the best privacy minds in the industry. For more information check out the link provided below.



Whips | Amazing New Concept Car Fully Equippted With .. Drones?

The ultimate driving machine will soon become equipped with drones. It’s only a concept for now but if left up to the folks at Renault this could become a reality very soon. The concept is that of an SUV or All-Terrain Vehicle equipped with mini launch able drones that scout the road ahead for possible obstructions, in order to map out an alternate route efficiently. There was even the idea of weaponing the drones to sustain against any possible threats, of course that would have to be approved by the appropriate government agency. The drones can be controlled through either a tablet on the dash or by setting GPS waypoints instantly beaming pictures back to the vehicle. Again this is only a concept but imagine using this on your way to the office. You would start the car, launch the drones and set a course that always avoids traffic.



Quantum teleportation became a reality in 1997 teleporting light particles (photons) and since physicists have even been able to teleport very small things like single atoms. Today the only problem with teleporting humans is that it would require more data storage then could ever be available. In fact, a conservative estimate would mean you’d need about 1022 gigabytes (1 followed by 22 zeroes) of hard drive space. That’s a stack of hard drives about 20 light-years tall. However, at least we know it’s possible and what it would take. So the question is what if they try some other inanimate objects like say try teleporting the new Jordans or stack of money? (Joking) This week Physicists even discovered energy can be teleported without a limit of distance. Awesome news now light, matter, and energy can be teleported. That’s what we call progress. This won’t help you on your long flights but at least you know that they are working on it. (Kirk out)

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With this new technology you can breath underwater like “Aquaman”

If you remember that episode of Star Wars when Jar Jar Binks had to lead Obi-Wan Kenobi and friends to an underwater city this post may sound familiar. Designer Jeabyun Yeon has basically created that same underwater breathing apparatus. It gives humans gills by extracting the oxygen under water through a filter of thread smaller than water molecules, and uses a very small micro compressor and micro battery. The technology is called Triton and now you can breathe under water like a fish without the use of bulky tanks. I know now you can’t wait to go on vacation to try it out. Happy Scuba Diving!

Gills 1



Turn your car’s cassette deck into a wireless music player

If you have a classic car or if you just have a hooptie with an old system there is a wireless solution for you. This new adapter from ION turns your cars cassette player into a wireless bluetooth receiver. Now you can play your music files or even stream Pandora and Spotify wirelessly through your classic cars cassette deck. Not only will this adapter stream music but it will also allow you to hear your phone calls as they are received through your car speaker system. This is definitely some awesome new technology!




Technology: Things that make you go humm!!!

Get your tinfoil helmet ready now because you may want to use it after watching this next video. These are all top secret documents that have just been intercepted. (Allegedly) Jacob Appelbaum is an independent computer security researcher and hacker. This video documents new information leaked by NSA operatives confirming that the NSA is able to hack into just about everything on a global scale, allegedly. It also seems that all of our cell phones have been infected with backdoor programs that will allow hackers (not just the NSA) the ability to access our phones features and data. IPhone appears to be one of the biggest suspects and within the last week denies any allegations of cooperation with the NSA to create these secret access points for their customer’s data. These latest top secret documents are equipped with drones, lasers and black ops teams breaking in and taking over your hardware while your sleep. Classified files shown later during his presentation revealed a device that for $175,800 allows the NSA or another license client to construct a fake cell tower that can allow officials to eavesdrop on texts and calls alike. There is a war going on outside but most people just don’t know. This is very interesting stuff I hope you check it out. Have a great day!

SONY Electronics corp. patents a new product called SmartWigs!


Ok so Sony Electronics just created a patent for wearable device called a “SmartWig” with vibrating notifications and alerts. While the other tech companies are creating smarter watches and glasses, Sony is taking it to a new level. Your wig will connect wirelessly to your Smartphone and will also allow you to control other computing devices. According to the patent the SmartWig will send vibrations or small electric shocks to the brain whenever the wearer receives a text message or email, the signals will serve as a way to communicate directions and will even have video and a lazer pointer. I think the most interesting aspect may be the integrated touchpad on the sideburns that can be used to dial numbers or even control a PowerPoint slide. It’s kinda funny, I mean what would the world look like if everyone was walking around with these SmartWigs? I know it’s only a patent but then again this is Sony Electronics were talking about.

Take a look at the patent for yourself:


Google Recently Purchased 8 Military Robotics Companies, But Check Out The competition!

There is a lot of talk about Google’s recent purchase of Boston Dynamics. It’s a military robotics company and some are saying that Google has some hidden agenda. Scare tactics have always been a way for the media to spark the masses attention for the quick rating, so we don’t think that there is any hidden agenda here. Instead simply the agenda is what it has always been, and that is competition with the giant electronics company known as JAPAN. In this video check out ASIMO Japans latest robot compared to Boston Dynamics PETMAN now owned by Google. Boston Dynamics has a whole arsenal of other robots like CHEETA the fastest running robot and RHex the all terrain “creepy” rodent looking robot. There is also a long list of other competitive robotics categories. If I know Google this whole robot thing is about to be taken to a whole new level. It will be interesting to see what they come up with. If you like this article please hit the like button for support. Thank you and have a nice day!