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Kanye West’s Interview On Sway In The Morning

What I got out of this interview is that Kanye is attempting to break the unseen barriers that have been keeping our culture from profiting from our ideas with regards to the fashion industry. However; those same barriers exist in every major industry and no one has been able to break through as of yet. He further explained that it is not so much a matter of racism but rather a matter of classism, which is the new racism in today’s modern society.

The hostility towards Sway seemed very misdirected, but Kanye decided to use Sway’s platform for this outburst as a follow up gift after giving Sway his first T.V earlier this year (The shows running inside joke). The problem is that Kanye admittedly does not know how to speak to people in certain settings and just seems over aggressive and arrogant. I’m just saying.

Say what you will but the bottom line is when we needed someone to stand up to the Bush Administration and say the atrocities that took place in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina was wrong; it was Kanye. When someone needed to stand up and say Beyoncé’s video was better than Taylor Swifts; it was Kanye and now when someone needs to stand up to expose today’s international culture of classism that marginalizes anyone attempting to rise up beyond what is allowed; it’s Kanye again.

Check out the Video and let us know what you think?

Do Portals Really Exist? For The Answer To That Question Let’s Ask NASA

There has been a lot of talk about portals lately especially after it was referenced in Eminem’s instant classic Rap God. I thought it would be cool to take a moment to explore this unexplained phenomenon in efforts to get a better understanding of how they work and if so, what else might be coming out of these portals? Time travel from other alter or parallel universes? To be continued…

LINK To the Full Article on NASA.GOV:


Graffiti mecca 5 Pointz erased overnight

After a long Battle with Lawmakers 5 Pointz the Historic Graffiti Landmark in NYC was painted over and scheduled to be torn down to make way for upscale condominiums. Street Art fans were furious after a federal judge denied an injunction to stop the demolition. Graffiti Art has always been an integral element of Hip-Hop Culture, however due to the outright disregard for property owners’ rights; it has always been under attack.

Over the years Graffiti culture has made efforts to legitimize itself; however, lawmakers continue to thwart these efforts saying that it only encourages further vandalism due to the suggested canvas choice. My all-time favorite magazine in NY in the mid 90’s was a Magazine called “STRESS MAGAZINE”. (See attached article) The magazine was dedicated to Graffiti Art Culture and gave artist a legitimate platform to display their art, but even that was targeted by the authorities and forced to shut down.

5 Pointz is gone but I think there could have been a more concerted effort to preserve the historic artwork.

New York Graffiti Landmark 5 Pointz Continues To Appeal Demolition

Stress mag

New York Graffiti Landmark 5 Pointz Continues To Appeal Demolition

Whips: Nissan BladeGlider EV – Half glider, half race car

Check out the Nissan BladeGlider that debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show last week. The BladeGlider is powered by electricity, and since the front wheels are closer together there is a 30/70 weight distribution making a high-g concentrated power possible. For more information on the glider visit the link to Nissan provided below.



Charlie Wilson at Ovens Auditorium December 27

I would say strictly for the grown and sexy but I think everyone can appreciate this legendary musical genius. Charlie Wilson has so many classic hit records that have truly stood the test of time. Even at the 2013 BET Music Awards they recognized him with a life time achievement award. The tribute that India Ire, Jamie Fox, Snoop Dog, Pharell and Justin Timberlake did that night shows the depth of respect every generation has for this music icon. He has proven time and again there is no question that he can still hang with the best of them. Highly recommended, this is going to be a great event.




Bboying and House Dance Culture

For those who thought breaking was only done on the big screen, welcome to the world of true bboying and house dancing. Yes, it exists and still thriving around the globe in clubs, concerts and special events. Since the birth of Hip-Hop this element has always existed beneath the surface of the culture and over the years it has been bringing itself back to the forefront. We give mad props to the dancers in this video that were captured in a moment exerting their self-expression and allowing their souls to freestyle to the music. For those of you who are a part of the bboy and house world you understand what it is and know the depth of respect for the art. Shout out to all the underground dancers out there that keep this element alive.

Fashion Sense


As you already know fashion trends come and go, and we don’t co-sign anything that isn’t official. That is why when it comes to fashion our recommendation is that you keep it strictly classic with that futuristic edge. Fashion has always been a form of self-expression, but classics looks always seem to stand the test of time. That goes for casual or dressy apparel. You can find this jacket on the listed below.




Check out Chris Tucker live this Saturday at Ovens Auditorium. He is still one of the funniest comedians out there. Tickets range from $89 – $135, so with a date this event could run you about $500 bucks (with dinner don’t be a cheapskate), but fellas make sure that she knows beforehand what side of the menu that is. Anyways, I’m sure the show will be well worth it, and that’s why it’s recommended!



CT live

Gaming: Valve’s Steam Controller with dual mouse-rivaling trackpads


While still just a prototype there is allot of excitement around Valves new Steam Controller. They plan to put a touchscreen in the middle of the controller, and it is currently compatible with all PC games. The “Steam Box” is not schedueled for release until next year but they did give away 300 Steam Machines to selected users for free. The specs reveal tons of power and is perfect for users who “want plenty of performance in a high-end living room package.”



The Double Door INN

If you like live music you should definitely check out the Double Door Inn. The cover is usually about $5 – $10 and half the bar is set up with theater style seating. However, the band is usually so good that the crowd is out of their seats dancing to classic tunes. Take a look at their calendar of events hosting bands playing Live Rock, Country, Soul, Jazz, Pop and more. Shows usually start at 10 PM and I especially like the Monday Night All Stars.

The Double Door in is located at 1218 Charlottetown Ave Charlotte, NC 28204



Sunday Nov. 24th BET Music Matters Presents K. Michelle w/ Sevyn Streeter

For all the K Michelle Fans in Charlotte, she will be at the Fillmore on Sunday Nov. 24. Like me you may know her from Love and HIP-HOP Atlanta, but she is also a very talented artist on the rise. I recently saw her twerk video on YouTube, and that is enough to get me to the show. .. Sevyn Streeter will also be performing and I really like some of the stuff I have heard from her. Check her out on YouTube performing an acoustic version of “I Won’t Stop”.

This should be a good show well worth checking out! Anyone else going to the show feel free to comment and let us know your thoughts.



K michelle


There is no question that Jenelle Monae is HOT. We have seen her performing at almost every industry award show, her music is dope and it seems as if she is everywhere. I’m talking billboards, magazine covers, television commercials etc. She is actually in the commercials that are generally reserved for the JLO’s and Beyoncé’s of the world. This is all great but the only problem is that I have never really heard a substantial amount of music from her. That is not to say it doesn’t exist, I just have never really heard it via radio, satellite, or any of the other musical outlets that confirm a record has been deemed a hit. Yet over the years when I see these amazing performances or see her doing great things; I think the same thing “Has anyone really heard all of her music”? She doesn’t even do songs with the hottest rappers to get a quick buzz for her projects like everyone else and honestly it doesn’t look like she has too. I have heard some of her music and especially like the song Q.U.E.E.N featuring Erica Badu that released last year. I’m going to go to this event just to find out what all of the hype is about. Oh yeah, I just remembered something that answers all of these questions; that’s Puffy’s Artist! (UNENO) Maybe I’m wrong about all of this… What do you think?

Janelle Monae will be at THE FILLMORE Charlotte on Wed. Nov 20th. The show starts at 8PM, and tickets are $24.



Janell Monet


I first caught this Brooklyn MC Rock the Mic at the Lyrist Lounge in NYC. This was before he formed the group Black Star with Mos Def, or inked his deal with RawKus Records. At that time there were not many MC’s who dared to write lyrics that were progressive and socially conscious. His vibe seemed to be a bridge between Public Enemy, and Dead Prez. Over the years TALIB KWELI has consistently provided the culture with classic HIP-HOP music, never conforming for the sake of record sales. Much respect to TALIB KWALI for the truth that he has brought to the game.

On November 21st Talib Kweli will be at Amos with BIG KRIT who is another MC out of Meridian, Mississippi boasting a serious catalog. Tickets are $22 in advance and $25 at the door. The Show starts at 8 PM, and all true HIP-HOP fans should make sure not to miss this event. We recommend it!