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BEAT TAPE | K-Def’s Tape One (Early 90s Demo, Full Side A Rip)

ABOUT Tape One & K-Def
All cultures leave behind relics, proof of their existence and impact on subsequent individuals and communities alike. When found, these artifacts provide not only an insight into the past but a foreshadowing to the present day. Such is the case with K-Def’s latest beat tape unearthed from a time now considered “golden.” Granted, Hip Hop may only be in its adolescence, but a finding cassette tape that is more than 20 years old is quite a discovery. On “Tape One,” you can hear beats and programming that could compete with tracks by Pete Rock, Premier, Large Professor and others in K’s peer group. That being said, it’s equally understandable how the legendary Marley Marl was captivated by the burgeoning producer’s talent and tapped his skills as a sonic bridge, a necessary link, from the “old” sound to the “new.”
Like any similar recording of this period, the sound quality leaves something to be desired, but herein lies beauty of this relic. K’s beat tape embodies a time capsule of breaks, chops, samples, and vintage bit rate grunge that so many producers currently attempt to capture, attempting to relive a bygone era. K-Def was displaying the ability, the talent, and the prowess that would contribute to his staying power in the new millennium. If this beat tape is comparable to K’s version of inventing the wheel, then his new material is on par with space travel. One sees the progress of a producer, a composer representing a composite of his life’s experiences as evidenced in this early recording. Years from now, the audio archeologists will delight in piecing together the subsequent artifacts of this evolving artist. The innovation continues…


Enjoy and Be Educated #1426: What Do We Have Here? (Funk, Soul, Reggae Dub, Disco, Hip-Hop) by The Diggers Union Local 1200 on Mixcloud

01. Curtis Mayfield – “Eddie, You Should Know Better”
02. Ohio Players – “Fire”
03. Desmond Dekker – “Shanty Town”
04. Biz Markie – “This is Something for the Radio”
05. Sly & The Family Stone – “Family Affair”
06. Mtume – “Juicy Fruit”
07. Grandmaster Caz & Chris Stein – “Wild Style Theme Rap”
08. The Meters – “Hand Clapping Song”
09. Isaac Hayes – “Hung Up on my Baby”
10. Baby Huey – “Hard Times”
11. Lee “Scratch” Perry – “Skango”
12. Donny Hathaway – “Valdez in the Country”
13. Fela Kuti & The Africa 70′s (with Ginger Baker) – “Let’s Start”
14. Bob James – “Nautilus”
15. Zapp – “More Bounce to the Ounce”
16. The Isley Brothers – “For the Love of You”
17. Kalyanji Anandji – “Disco Cammata”
18. Gary Davis – “The Professor Here”
19. Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson – “The Bottle”
20. Universal Robot Band – “Disco Boogie Woman”
21. Manu Dibango – “Soul Makossa”
22. The Clash – “The Magnificent Dance”
23. Tower of Power – “Squib Cakes”
24. Prince – “1999″
25. Midnight Star – “Freak-a-Zoid”
26. Kraftwerk – “Numbers”
27. Rotary Connection – “Memory Band”
28. Kool & The Gang – “Summer Madness”


Check out Chello Hollyday’s “Say Hi” remix. It was produced by Bernie Stevenson, Chello and Paper Boy for Carver Entertainment. The record did well in places like Porto Rico and Dominican Republic, where it hit #2 on the Latin countdown that year. Internationally it was successful in countries like Germany and France among others. The record also has a special dance mix produced by Anthony Acid and Dj Scribble. It is still a great recording showcasing Chello’s Talent and a Gem for your collection; if you can find it in the crates.