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Throwback Thursday | Vinyl Record Sales Tripple Last Year!

Recently the CBS morning show reported that vinyl record sales have tripled since 2008. That is only 2% of total album sales, but it does shows how record collecting is reaching a whole new generation of music fans. It also means $ for companies that have been re-release classic material on vinyl. In Hip-Hop Deejays have traditionally been a part of Hip-Hop groups. If the trend continues maybe it will signal the return of the MC & Deejay duo in Hip-Hop as well. We will see but for now it looks like Vinyl has definitely got its groove back! (The Diggers Union)

ART | April 6th In Charlotte, NC Visit Stephanie Goldman’s Eccentric Gallery

Stephanie Goldman is an artist located in Charlotte, NC and owner of the Eccentric Gallery. She creates original canvas paintings and has planned a new exhibit on Sunday April 6th. The Exhibit will be held at 1506 Central Ave, from 5-7 PM. I had the opportunity to pre-view some of her work and it is really good. Price point starts at $250 for large original canvas paintings. There will be spoken word, dessert bar, book signing and poetry readings. She has billed this as an art show to uplift and encourage black men. If your an art fan this gallery is a good place to view original works created in the QC.

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