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2020’s Abject Lack of Leadership on Every Level

Annual Juneteenth Parade and Festival in Philadelphia, PA

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As we celebrate this historical Freedom Day, a lot of things just look and feel different. For obvious reasons, this Juneteenth is hitting me different. In an unapologetic way, I have chosen to convey my thoughts about today, this country, the social environment, and the depraved state of leadership in this nation in this blog post. This is part of my decision not to harbor deep ire about things that I do not have control over. Otherwise, those things would have control over me. Don’t react to the drama; but come up with a well-constructed response. I will, however, start at the top, with the most powerful seat in this country; and the most powerful in the world at one point (no sure about now). The dynasty and deep disaster of the current Presidency is need of a serious overhaul. Why am I mentioning this in my Juneteenth post? Because this moment must not be forgotten, and I am trying to plant seeds for November. The current administration has to go, and I cannot do it alone. We are in an abyss of leadership as a nation. And this president just tried to steal Juneteenth. FULL STOP! (USA Today)


I declare my inalienable rights. I will use my voice, time, energy, and resources for something I can control. Having a screaming match on Facebook with the current administration supporters does nothing. These supporters are right-wing conservatives; complicity aligned with Ultra-Right wings views admittedly or not. It is what it is. The current Presidency is not a leader and certainly not the Presidency for all people. My views on the president as a person are exclusively based on the words that have come out of his mouth before and during his time in office, devoid of equality, empathy, and action. In November, I will “Vote my Values” as right-wing religious Republicans like to say. However, as a Christian, racism is not a minor issue with God. It’s at the heart of the Gospel. (James 2:8-9) “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’ But if you treat people according to their outward appearance, you are guilty of sin, and the law condemns you as a lawbreaker.” Prejudice is a sin. I can’t be a pro-life supporter of Roe vs. Wade, but for the death penalty, DACA, and concentration camps for Muslims in China. It is impossible to want prayer in school, but also capture people at the borders, and put families into refugee camps, subjecting children to these deplorable conditions. The current administration approved of putting children in cages! No, as a republican, you are a sinner if you are a Christian shouting vote your values and checking a box for republicans this November; but that’s you. Or, you could simply follow your conscious and not support the ignorance, pomposity, and outright arrogance. I believe it is commensurate with the criminality of this current administration, to the point of ignorance, and cannot be overstated. No one in the higher ranks of leadership in this country knew about Juneteenth and the importance of the day to black people. This is because they only care about their history; not all the people. Their version of history is taught in schools every day. Black history is usually an elective or not taught at all.

Just a reminder. It is Juneteenth, and we are free!


During the pandemic COVID-19, African Americans have suffered disproportionately in the rate of infection and deaths. It has been laid bare for the world to see; all the mechanisms of dysfunction and deprivation for an entire race of people in the richest country in the world.
Thousands of black people have suffered and died due to systemic oppression in a free country, with the most severe constraint being freedom itself. The pre-existing condition for black people in the COVID-19 environment is…being black. We need structural change. Demand that our government make healthcare, housing, and education accessible and equitable for everyone. Racism and Coronavirus are not the only pandemics going on right now; mental health, joblessness, hopelessness, generational poverty, and more. In four months, we have dismantled the educational system for black children, which we do not know the damage yet to be repaired for years to come. What we need is someone to step up and tell our people how to deal with all the challenges going on. A new president will not fix most of what is going on now. The best we can do is elect someone that will recognize us as people and has decided to be our president.Then we as a community of people; we need organization and strategy going forward, delivering information that will help our own people cope with day-to-day and future challenges.

Spiritual Leadership

It is my hope that Spirituality will rise to the top of the conversations in order to explain what’s going on and why it is happening. I see Spiritual leaders who have shrunk under the weight of changes. They, too, in a way, have decisively not led ALL people when times got tough. For example, the topic of race and social injustice simply stumped religious leaders, and they bowed out of the fire sermons. Others relegated their speeches and storytelling to someone better with oration. Just an observation from my vantage point. That is not a judgment. Do what Jesus would do! You cannot purport to be a leader when times are good, but when the war starts and the bullets start flying, you become unhinged. Grace? Yes.

June 19, 2020, is a great day! This year is worthy of a book, and we have one in the works.

Black Lives Matter March and Protest in Philadelphia, PA

The Path Forward

Still, in conclusion, I just would like to say on this Juneteenth, the day that the current administration initially decided to hold a rally in Tulsa Oklahoma, the sight of black wall street and the burning down of a black city; As we find our way through racial discussion and discrimination; The great divide in this dominant non-dominant society designed at the hands of man; we are still trying to fight social injustice with social injustice.

Part of this movement appears to be content with burning down cities and screaming at police officers who can be easily triggered to fire upon crowds as easily as unarmed black men and women. I see all this and think, “where is our organized leadership?”; at all levels, starting with our homes. Not a separate voice but a consistent united front as a people. Where is our skilled negotiator? Let’s join together somehow, some way. We have to stem the damage and do no more harm to our people. Movements, elections, protections, freedom, spiritual guidance, and leadership are all of the things I pray for all people. Black people we are due NOW! Make your voice heard, be informed on how and what effects our future.

Freedom is our inalienable right; we have been emancipated, but we still do not have the freedom.

Juneteenth Independence Day concept, 3D rendering isolated on white background



“What I want people to know about this record is that I wrote after thinking of a concept for the song and reading a few books on the topic that I wanted to write about. In this case, I was very interested in physics and I wanted to create a song based on some of the general concepts. I always thought that Hip-Hop should be used as an educational tool, as well as a creative platform. I think HIP-HOP overall is just that before you add in commercialized rap music. If I could change anything I would take out all of the curse words. Oh, yeah.. lastly I am coming out of retirement as a rapper because I truly believe that age is just a number and I want to inspire people to go after their dreams without caring about what anyone may think or say.”. – HAN-AN

References: [BOOKS]

*The dancing WU LI Masters – Gary Zukav

**The Seat Of The Soul – Gary Zukav

***How to Meditate – Pema Chodron

****The Art of Happiness – Dalai Lama

Verse I

Paradoxical God flow / move through millenniums / in time-space continuum‘s /within milliseconds/felon music/murder check-in.

Futuristic B-boy / Graffiti sprayed masterpiece/props to all the Deejays / Emcees spit organically

Evolution/cell regeneration / I’ve been waiting, patient

A poet with no expiration / moving without an explanation.

Freshwater / vegetation / I formalized my education / a conscious mind through meditation / the journey is the destination.

Body scans / affirmations / subatomic particle observations / positively charged throughout this simulation / of science or creation

HAN-AN’s a limitless being / all eyes seeing the search that defines meaning

Light axiom / live life to the maximum / think nuclear magnetic shielding of the protons within potassium

A periodic concept at elementary frequencies/societies held to secrecy through science in Diety

It’s simple math/suggestions to question whatever is destined / an existential progression / I’m an exceptional professional

Independent/ existing/ unanalyzable entity / Terror is in parentheses / only God can censor me

It is what it’s meant to be / are you really ready… / to do whatever it is that’s necessary by any means necessary

our physical realities a cognitive construction/ organic particle duality/ mass energy consumption.

Verse II

A sound wave can emit photons or radiate energy/frequency are absorbed into cell structures bio-chemically

Dialogue impacts atoms genetically / physiologically / kinetically / you may not understand but I bet you’ll catch on eventually

My hand holds the vortex / you sift through the nebula / structures monocular / philosophically secular / I’m not glamorous I’m magnanimous / Steller advantages/ let’s see if you can handle this /spectacular anthesis

No question it’s the anthesis / still, the answer is / the devil beats the brakes off of everybody he dances with

Wolfs on the hunt/bitch do the foxtrot / hit you with a hot Glock / STOP / I shit you not

So this is what it’s come to / a 30,000-foot view / from an unidentifiable obstacle proven that anything is possible

My ciphers Devine / thoughts have transcended /my construct validity is more abstract than any quantum jump ever attempted

Concepts are transformational / enhance your physiology / every word is the symbol / where there’s knowledge there is no poverty.

So analyze data from Cerns Particle-Accelerator or hadron-collider unraveling the universes fiber

Beyond the essence of existence, past the beginning of creation/all matter begins with energy/self- actualization

There are stages to enlightenment / a collective evolution / I’ll streamline infinity’s process to assist with its execution

The spiritual awakening / the alarm clock /the purge / the unlearning of things you once knew/thought/or observed

The fourth is acceptance we evolve an ascend / spontaneously perfecting the way in which we comprehend

The truth from the nonsense / each action creates consequence / superior levels of consciousness / bitter humble or obstinate

What’s U Divided by Zero? / We’re all just floating particles / I’m a genius manifesting my destiny of success / NOTHINGS IMPOSSIBLE.

Track Produced by Paul Trahan* Recorded at Maximus Recording Studios Charlotte NC * Mixed and Mastered by Paul Trahan, NOLA and Sound Lab Recordings * featuring the vocals of Dalvin Wood NC* Lyrics written by Han-an Cruz and S. Howard NYC * Exclusively for Biltmore Records Inc. NC, and TCK & Associates LLC, NYC.


Check out Living my life by Hugo Da Capo on iTunes, Android or your favorite music outlet! The Track was produced by Grizzly On Da Beat, SC. , Recorded at Maximus Recording Studios Charlotte, NC, Mixed and Mastered by Paul Trahan, NOLA and Sound Lab Recordings, NYC Exclusively for Biltmore Records Inc., NC.

Wild Spirit

NEWS | Cover Art for HUGO DA CAPO’s New Single

This is the Cover Art for Hugo Da Capo’s new single to be released in March. The video will be Produced by Troy Johnson, aka Toast 187. The Track was produced by newcomer Grizzly On Da Beat, SC. Mixed and Mastered by Paul Trahan, NOLA and Sound Lab Recordings, NYC for Biltmore Records Inc., NC and TCK & Associates LLC, NYC.



In this episode of the Verbal Graffiti Podcast we began to comment on the book titled The Power Of Broke,by Daymond John it’s the first book being reviewed by our Book Klub. Currently we are offering free Books to anyone who wants to join our gang of book reading hoodlums. Obviously, this is all in fun but one of the goals of this Podcast is to encourage our community to read at least one book a month, which equates to 20 or 30 minutes a day. We will select a new book every months and give a brief review of each book twice within a 30 day cycle. Anyone wishing to join can do so by sending us an email to There will be a limited monthly supply so if interested you would want to be among our first responders. A future goal of the Podcast is to give out books selected by the Book Klub to local Schools in order to encourage kids to read suggested books and participate in the Book Klub!

Additionally, we discussed the Hood Morning America Wake up Challenge! That’s simply the creation of daily habits or routines initiated every morning aimed at increasing productivity and vitality throughout the day. The first challenge is to drink 16 ounces of water immediately after you wake up in the morning. Studies have shown that there are many Health Benefits to drinking water as soon as you wake up and we agree that doing this will not only provide a revitalization of energy, but it was also jumpstart your metabolism. Please keep in mind that drinking water is only the first challenge, we will add on new challenges with every episode to creating the optimal step by step morning routine.

In this podcast we also released a new song titled Again! The songs is about a healthy lifestyle and just may be the theme music for the show, who knows! It’s something that Rick Cruz had in his archives but you got to admit that beat is hot! Also, make sure to check out other news and updates from Biltmore Records!


The Verbal Graffiti Podcast Episode #002 – THE FOLLOW UP

After listening to the second episode of the Verbal Graffiti Podcast you may be thinking “what does this show have to do with Hip-Hop?” Well it’s simple, this show is about inspiring our audience to get out of it’s comfort zone. It’s about challenging ourselves take action NOW in order to fully pursue whatever we set out to achieve. The show references comments from Mrs. Tamara Bunte, America’s #1 Sales Coach who just wrote a book titled PROVERBS FOR SELLING available on We also referenced Tony Robins’s 7 Master Steps To Creating Lasting Change. Again., we are not trying to teach this information but rather inspire our audience to look further into these resources for more helpful insight into overcoming challenges to business and personal goals.

The first podcast also received criticism via email, as well as feedback from friends. We narrowed it down to the top 5 critiques of the show and shared them along with our comments. The idea is that Rome was not built in a day, and this podcast will not be an overnight success, but we do plan to build it up to the point where it can be the absolute best Podcast out there (respectfully). So stay tuned.


The Verbal Graffiti Podcast Episode #001 – THE INTRODUCTION

The first episode of the Verbal Graffiti Podcast is a short introduction to the show and content. The show will air on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each Month. In this episode we introduce the show, the host and reasons to listen in. We touched on a lot of subject matter that will be covered and expanded upon in future shows. If you were expecting commentary on music then you might be in for a surprise. Yes, music is an important part of the Verbal Graffiti lifestyle, but this podcast is more focused on inspiring the listeners to be a part of our “Gang of Hoodlems” who will read books and follow success formulas to better improve LIFE for everyone who participates. The idea is not that Rick Cruz is some sort of a GURU but rather that he is trying to stick to these life altering routines and he selfishly wants everyone to participate so that he can be held accountable for sticking to the path.

We Announced Da Hood Morning America Wake UP Challenge, Da Hood Book Klub and other Challenges or information that will make the listener think that this Podcast is nothing but a whole lot of work,. And THAT It Is. But, those who participate will experience some amazing, life altering benefits. THAT is a proven fact.

This Month the Hood Book Klub will be reading The Power of Broke by Daymond John, co/written by Daniel Paisner. The books subtitle is equally as interesting as the title stating “How empty pockets, a tight budget and a hunger for success can become your greatest competitive advantage”. The book is $26 at Barnes & Nobel but we found it for $15 on THE POWER OF BROKE on We will begin discussing the book on our next episode, but you don’t have to finish the book in that time frame.

We also asked for anyone looking to actively follow along, and become a part of our “Gang of Hoodlems” to grab a yearly planner and a journal to plan out goals and track progress. Here are links to two that we really like:

Lastly please leave a comment here, or contact us via email at verbalgraffitpodcast@gmail with any suggestions or comments. Also you can follow us on Facebook Twitter Instagram & YouTube. Until next time friends remember “you are a combination of the 5 people you spend the most time with”. So,..choose your “Gang” wisely.

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New Music from HAN-AN titled “Are You Already Ready?” Produced by Paul Trahan featuring Dalvin Woods. Lyrics written by Rick Cruz and Sean Howard. Vocals were recorded at Maximus studio’s in Charlotte, NC with Ira Parker (Sound Engineer). The song was mixed and mastered by Paul Trahan of New Orleans, La.


“Only IF Rudyard Kipling knew one thing” – That line explains the theme of this track. Beast is a dedication to those who made it through the struggle; and the ones who did not. Check out the re-mix of HAN-AN’s 2007 track titled BEAST. It was originally produced by Paul Trahan and now he has remixed it for 2015 to prelude the new music that’s on the way. Are you already; Ready 11.11.15.

Music | The More Things Change 2015

This track was produced by T. Acosta, Rick Cruz and Paul Trahan for Biltmore Records Inc. The record has now been brought back with a new mix and fully remastered by Paul Trahan. Originally a statement mocking the redundant content in rap music the songs true texture lies in the social, political and ecological ideas that continue to become even more transparent today.

GRAFFITI | Street Art for Hope and Peace | eL Seed | TED Talks

Born in France to Tunisian parents, eL Seed delights in juggling multiple cultures, languages and identities. Not least in his artwork, which sets Arabic poetry in a style inspired by street art and graffiti. In this quietly passionate talk, the artist and TED Fellow describes his central ambition: to create art so beautiful it needs no translation.


The Chello Hollyday Band is known as one of the hottest bands in Tampa Florida. On May 8th they will be playing at the Amalie Arena before the Kevin Hart show. If your in town make sure to join them from 5 – 9 for some good music and great vibes before the big event! You can also check out Chello Hollyday on CHELLO HOLLYDAY.COM and his event page on FACEBOOK. Also download Chello Hollyday’s hit single “Let’s Make Love Tonight” on ITUNES TODAY! Available only on BILTMORE RECORDS.

Chello D