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Bboyz | Lilou vs Issei | Undisputed 2014

In a sold out venue at the O2 Academy in London, the Undisputed took place. B-Boy Lilou took his revenge by the win on the Red Bull BC One 2014 winner B-Boy Menno and became the first winner of the Undisputed event. In 2007 Menno and Lilou battled at the solo B-Boy battle of the UK B-Boy Championships, organized at the same venue where the battle of the winners took place of the Undisputed event. In two groups using the round robin system the 8 B-Boys battled for their spot at the semi finals.

NO INTRO NEEDED | Central Park SummerStage 2014 – The Rocksteady Crew performs!

“While various break beats are being played, the Rocksteady Crew members ATS, Ynot, Easy Roc, Feenix, Masami, Jazzy Jes, Mari and BailRoc the stage to perform with Crazy Legs coming in at the end. SummerStage 2014 ends with a group photo opportunity for the Rocksteady Crew. Happy Anniversary RSC and here’s to many more events like this. Until next year… hopefully.”
BoomBap Nation

Hip hop |Shake The Dust Official Trailer

Shake The Dust is a hugely anticipated documentary that tells the stories of Bboys from third world countries around the globe. It’s a film displaying how young people are unified across political and cultural borders under the banner of Hip-Hop. Not only are they unified, but through break dancing or Hip-Hop they are able to enact social change around the globe. We first heard about the film at the beginning of the year and look forward to its release. Check out the trailer!

International | “Konnichiwa” from BGirls Myw and Kanami


No doubt Hip-Hop appears to be a male dominated culture; however there are a lot of females in Hip-Hop representing. For example, a while back we released a post on female Graffiti artist MadC from Germany. There are also allot of very well known female DJ’s and MC’s in the game doing it big right now. B-girl’s have even been around since the beginning with female dancers like the Rock Steady Crew’s Honey Rock wells among other.

Recently we’ve spotted two new Bgirls appear on the scene. This video was taken at this year’s Radikal Forze Jam. Every March Radikal Forze Crew throws an international Bboy Jam. At this year’s 16th event there were two B-girls from Japan named Myw and Kanami. What’s almost as amazing as their dancing is the fact that they are so young. Myw is 15 and Kanami is 16 years old. I think it’s a tribute to Hip-Hop’s growth and maturity throughout the world and especially within our younger generations. Hip-Hop is truly forever. Check out their Video below: