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Throwback Thursday | Terror TrollZ “ADMIT IT”

The Golden Era of Hip-Hop was not as golden as everyone would have you believe. In the 90’s some people were missing the Motown Era’s softer sound in Hip-Hop music. The kind of music today’s rappers get criticized for. Almost everyone was supposedly hard core and if you grew up in the hood you knew that was mathematically impossible. So somebody was FRONTING, everybody couldn’t be a gangster. I say that to say this; allot of MC’s were just lying on records. That was totally unacceptable at that time because Hip-Hop’s slogan was “keep it real”. However, today history reports that they were just talking about what they saw in their neighborhoods, so that gets a pass. Real Hip-Hop MC’s on the other hand were living the lyrics in their songs. That was the main controversy in Hip-Hop at that time. I would say real MC’s are the reason for some of society’s social and political changes, because they told their stories from an honest place. There are millions of these records online because not all of them were able to capture their dream of success. This track is a tribute to Hip-Hop paving the way.

MCing |New Music Wu-Tang Clan “Keep Watch”

Check out the first release from WU-TANG’S A Better Tomorrow LP. The record is featuring Method Man, Inspectah Deck, Cappadonna and GZA. They are unquestionably among the best MC’s in the game and this record is an instant classic.



This footage is from a Radio Show that Biltmore Records Produced in 2012. The show was called Cipher Divine and it was basically Cyphers broadcasted live on air. The only rule was no cursing. Some of the shows Cyphers are on YouTube while others are still in the archives. The idea of a cipher is just a creative circle where participants are able to present their ideas to the group. Every real artist knows this is what a cypher looks like; every voice counts and anyone can participate.

Mc-ing Helps kids learn – Is there hope for Hip-Hop?

Today the lyrics in popular rap songs are supposedly based off of real life experiences (cough), and admittedly a lot of it is negative. In this video it shows how rap can be used as a positive force to help kids learn. Isn’t it funny to see kids struggle with their grades in school but can somehow recite every word of the latest rap song without missing a beat? I believe that this is the true intent for Hip-Hop, to sing songs and learn from each other’s knowledge and real experience in a fun and creative way. KRS-1 said it best “Rappers create rhymes that are mostly illegal while MC create rhymes to uplift the people”.

Kids in this program are attending school more often, getting better grades and aspiring to be more. Not for nothing but the majority of the new music out there is just misguiding. It has no culture, no knowledge and is driven to whatever popular trend is created and supported by major corporations (weather you want to believe it or not) that lack creativity. No I’m never hating, I listen to any artist that makes real music representing a real place. However, if this concept spreads then there is the possibility of bringing that light back into hip-hop and cultivating the next generation by taking steps to move it in the right direction.


ART: MC’ing 101 – No Mistakes Allowed

Some have defined MC as MIC Controller or Master of Ceremony, but I tend to agree with Rakims definition of MC and that is to “Move the Crowd”. In the early days of Hip-Hop most thought moving the crowd meant to entertain the crowd at a party or live event. That is only partially true and if you look closely at the video for Move the Crowd you understood what it really means. You may also understand how today with the spread of globalization in modern society the term takes that initial definition to another level. How do you move masses of people to a particular product, event or idea?

This is not to take away from the science of lyricism. With Rakims Tribute to Nelson Mandela he told the Icons life story in a rhyme. It’s is an inspirational work of art and to me means a lot more than a simple RIP Mandela, which I could not bring myself to post on may page because it did not say what I wanted to say. The tribute song was something I thought was powerful and worthy of Mandelas character and accomplishments. That is timeless and the reason why Rakim is still one of my favorite artists.

Traditionally musicians have been used to market just about everything due to their influence. So with that being said the best MC’s are the ones that have the most influence to get people to subscribe to their original idea. Some may interpret that as saying that as an artist you need to be commercial. However, on the contrary I am saying simply that the best MC’s understand business and the affect they have on consumers. That is not to say that you follow the trends to identify with large groups of people but rather it means to create your own trend and have masses of people following them. Now here lies the problem; if a trend is set that an MC does not agree with does he follow it anyway or go against the grain? The art of MC-ing has always been about being different so a real MC does not follow any trend they create new ones. That would be the first lesson to any aspiring artist “originality”.