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HIP-HOP | A Brief History of Sampling

Here is a cool video describing the history of sampling and some of the all-time greats that have used this method in their music. Today it may not be the entire theme of the track but it is interesting to hear how producers have progressively used samples within many layers of original music. The idea is to take something classic and add something new or original enough to make the production your own. I guess the main thing to remember is to always give credit to the originals.


Ambrosia for Heads

Eclectic Method – A Brief History of Sampling from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.

This is George Stinney from SUMTER, S.C a 14 year old boy executed nearly 70 years ago and is now getting another day in Court

This is a really tough story, and 70 years later it is still unbelievable to me. It’s difficult to imagine that a child no matter what color would commit such a violent act but it is equally difficult to believe that any jury of 12 would approve of the violent execution of a child. The photo is of George Stinney who was accused and found guilty in 1944 of the murder of two other children in SUMTER, S.C. In a recent yahoo article it describes how the chair was too big for the 14 year old child and also how the hand straps barely fit around George Stoney’s wrists as they strapped him to the chair for execution.

If the goal of the article was to inspire outrage from the black community I would say they succeeded. However, here are the facts; two children were violently killed in 1944 and another child was tried, found guilt and given the electric chair. The other problem is that the conviction did not seem to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. The whole thing is a tragedy and for a state that still flies the confederate flag (like that’s cool) it says a lot. I hope there can be justice in this case for all involved.

Read the Full Yahoo article for all of the details:



Technology | Check out these iWatch Concepts


There are many smart watch concepts out there and this is just an idea of what Apple’s new iWatch might look like. It’s made out of rubber and only has a home and volume button. The curved touchscreeen will display apps and be the primary navigation option. The watch was designed by Tom Hamm and resembles the Nike Fuel Band. I like the futuristic design, and for avid watch collectors this will be a nice addition.

iWatch Concept from Todd Hamilton on Vimeo.


Tom Hamm

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Celebration 2014 Sunday January 19th from 12PM – 4Pm, AND Monday January 20th from 10am – 4PM at the Levine Museum

This is a family event honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr who once said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” It is a two day event honoring the pursuit of civil and human rights through film, performances, children’s crafts and exhibition. Free admission to the Museum Sunday and Monday! – Levine Museum

Martin luther King



With this new technology you can breath underwater like “Aquaman”

If you remember that episode of Star Wars when Jar Jar Binks had to lead Obi-Wan Kenobi and friends to an underwater city this post may sound familiar. Designer Jeabyun Yeon has basically created that same underwater breathing apparatus. It gives humans gills by extracting the oxygen under water through a filter of thread smaller than water molecules, and uses a very small micro compressor and micro battery. The technology is called Triton and now you can breathe under water like a fish without the use of bulky tanks. I know now you can’t wait to go on vacation to try it out. Happy Scuba Diving!

Gills 1



Turn your car’s cassette deck into a wireless music player

If you have a classic car or if you just have a hooptie with an old system there is a wireless solution for you. This new adapter from ION turns your cars cassette player into a wireless bluetooth receiver. Now you can play your music files or even stream Pandora and Spotify wirelessly through your classic cars cassette deck. Not only will this adapter stream music but it will also allow you to hear your phone calls as they are received through your car speaker system. This is definitely some awesome new technology!