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As I mentioned in an earlier post KUKA Robotics developed a robotic arm that they said could match the speed and accuracy of German table tennis legend Timo Boll. A duel was set for March 11th and we thought it was pretty interesting to watch the precision of the arm matched against a human. Timo Boll actually won! Well Done.



This piece is basically homage to the move “Wild Style”. The white train depicted in the movie was a train that had no graffiti on it, and the graffiti artists in the movie were looking for that train so they could be the first to paint their TAG (ART) on it. If you did not see the movie you won’t get it. The track and lyrics were meant to be reminiscent of the 80es BOOM BAP Hip-Hop. Music is art and this track is just that “ART”.

R&B | Flashback to “Before The Rise” Charlotte Host Danyelle Cherece

Before the Rise was a weekly event that Biltmore Records put together with T. Fant PR back in 2011. The event was at Jet Lounge now called Society Nightclub. This video is of Danyelle Cherece the host of the event and one of the most amazing voices in the QC. The sound quality is not that good but this was defiantly an amazing song and night at “Before the Rise”. Shout out to T.Fant, DJ Badalla “B”, The Band and everyone that made “Before the Rise” a great event.

New Music From HUGO DA CAPO To Be Premiered On the Big Tyme Radio Show 103.3 FM Charlotte

CIAA week officially starts on February 24th but to kind of kick off the pre celebrations HUGO DA CAPO will be Premiering New Music on WGIV 103.3 FM’s “Big Tyme Radio Show” Friday February 21st at 10PM. We would like you all to listen in and call up to let us know what you think. The number to the station is 704-553-1370. Biltmore Records would also like to thank the Big Tyme Radio Show for putting “Make It Official” in rotation. The Big Tyme Radio Show Air’s every Friday and Saturday Night from 10PM – 12AM. It’s a great show so make sure to lock them in when you’re in the QC. You can also listen online to the stations live stream here: BIG TYME RADIO SHOW FRIDAY AND SATURDAY 10PM-12AM

Big Tyme Fler

Science & Technology

Currently there are only four established elements in Hip-Hop. They include Graffiti Art, B-boy Dance Culture, MC / Rap and DJ ing. I always say the 5th element is Fashion but not everyone I speak to agree on that. This Blog started out with the idea of strictly focusing on these core elements; however we also recognized that science and technology are a big part of Hip-Hop culture as well. Today there is no question about the influence music has on the world especially the youth. From the beginning the pioneers considered Hip-Hop as both an art and science, so we are simply continuing to build on that foundation. Also, for people interested there are all sorts of science and engineering programs out there. In Charlotte they even offer Robotics Engineering summer youth programs at NC State University.

De La Soul offers entire catalog for free

I found this post a little late but it’s not too late for you to get De La Souls whole catalogue for free. It was announced yesterday that the classic Hip-Hop group would offer their entire catalogue online for free (For a limited time only). This is great because I would already have the collection if not for the ever friendly CD, Cassette or Vinyl borrower who forgets to return what they borrow. In any event these are classic albums from the classic Hip-Hop group De La Soul. If you never heard of them you should get the catalogue and study the original native tongue crew from Long Island, NY.(Strong Island) DE La Soul .com


Technology | Next-Generation Artificial Skin can be used for skin grafting and Robotics

Remember the evil robot Ash from the movie Aliens, or Lieutenant Data from Star Track the next generation? Well the new trials for Artificial Skin were a success, showing that the developments in artificial skin production are very close to the real thing. So paired with recent developments in robotics, things could start to get really interesting. The study produced a Gel-like scaffolding populated with blood and lymph cells. After a period of incubation, the skin was grafted onto a test subject and actually did regulate fluid content meaning that it was able to repair itself the way human skin repairs itself after a cut or injury. Technology is advancing at a rate unparalleled in centuries past. (