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DeeJayen | 45 King Making The Beat Demos 1

DJ Mark “The 45 King” is well known for his production with the “Flavor unit” and “Queen Latifah”, but the underground Deejay/Producer also has a whole range of hit records from 1987 – 2000. ( Check out his latest break beat video titled 45 King Making the Beat Demos 1. (More..)

Throwback Thursday | Vinyl Record Sales Tripple Last Year!

Recently the CBS morning show reported that vinyl record sales have tripled since 2008. That is only 2% of total album sales, but it does shows how record collecting is reaching a whole new generation of music fans. It also means $ for companies that have been re-release classic material on vinyl. In Hip-Hop Deejays have traditionally been a part of Hip-Hop groups. If the trend continues maybe it will signal the return of the MC & Deejay duo in Hip-Hop as well. We will see but for now it looks like Vinyl has definitely got its groove back! (The Diggers Union)

Graffiti | Brazil’s Graffiti Art Protesting The World Cup

Last Month Brazilian graffiti artist’s used the city as a canvas to protest the world cup. The protesters were upset with the government spending billions of dollars on the World Cup infrastructure rather than on basic human services. The street artist’s used graffiti as a peaceful platform to demand action from their government.
(The Guardian)

Crate Diggers | Breaks and Snacks (Beat break mixtape)

DJ Ian Head says: So here’s a 23 minute break mix with a few goofy vocal samples and accapellas thrown on top – I did it on Serato but it’s all original wax from my personal stash. For the beat-heads, hopefully there’s more surprises in here than not.


Hip-hop is a powerful tool that can transform the lives of people within inner cities and the entire world as a whole. The Founders of Words Beats & Life Inc. understood that and formed a nonprofit community outreach organization, to create a positive change in their neighborhoods.

“Today, Words Beats & Life uses a holistic approach to youth, and community development that involves hip-hop artists, scholars, educators, activists, and allies.”

The organization started out in the District of Columbia but through their events, collaborations and positive example their effects can be felt through the world. They are transforming individual lives and whole communities through Hiphop! Join our Cipher..

WBL logo

Throwback Thursday | Sample This! Incredible Bongo Band’s “Apache”

This is a documented history of the original Records that started it all! “Apache” by the Incredible Bongo Band was the records that DJ Kool Herc extended the breakbeat on, by using two turntables to play back to back. After that History was made. Grandmaster Caz, DJ Tony Tone of the Cold Crush Brothers, Grandmaster Flash and Afrika Bambaataa were some of the first to play the record and help influence the birth of Hiphop. This record is the original Hiphop National Anthem so check out the “part” documentary “Sample this”!

BeatBoxing | Chip Han’s Beatboxing break’s language barriers

Chip Han is a beat boxer originally from South Korea. He now lives in Virginia and has only been here in the States for about six years. In that time he has won numerous talent competitions, and has been performing live at venues and festivals all over the east coast. What’s also interesting is that he taught himself to beat box by studying videos online. Beatboxing is a part of Hip-hop culture and Chip actually has developed a unique style. Check it out!

Hip hop |Shake The Dust Official Trailer

Shake The Dust is a hugely anticipated documentary that tells the stories of Bboys from third world countries around the globe. It’s a film displaying how young people are unified across political and cultural borders under the banner of Hip-Hop. Not only are they unified, but through break dancing or Hip-Hop they are able to enact social change around the globe. We first heard about the film at the beginning of the year and look forward to its release. Check out the trailer!

International | “Konnichiwa” from BGirls Myw and Kanami


No doubt Hip-Hop appears to be a male dominated culture; however there are a lot of females in Hip-Hop representing. For example, a while back we released a post on female Graffiti artist MadC from Germany. There are also allot of very well known female DJ’s and MC’s in the game doing it big right now. B-girl’s have even been around since the beginning with female dancers like the Rock Steady Crew’s Honey Rock wells among other.

Recently we’ve spotted two new Bgirls appear on the scene. This video was taken at this year’s Radikal Forze Jam. Every March Radikal Forze Crew throws an international Bboy Jam. At this year’s 16th event there were two B-girls from Japan named Myw and Kanami. What’s almost as amazing as their dancing is the fact that they are so young. Myw is 15 and Kanami is 16 years old. I think it’s a tribute to Hip-Hop’s growth and maturity throughout the world and especially within our younger generations. Hip-Hop is truly forever. Check out their Video below:

International| Mr. Carmack Boiler Room Set

Boiler Room is the world’s leading underground music show. Their website showcases a variety of international shows. (Boiler Room.Com) This is Mr. Carmack a London based Dj showing off some of his smooth beats and mixes. It’s pretty dope so press play and let it rock this morning!

Graffiti | Check out Complex Magazines “10 Brazilian street artists you should know”

Yesterday Complex Magazine put out an article on the work of 10 Brazilian street artist. This Photo is in São Paulo and created by an artist named Alexandre Orion. There is some really interesting street art in their article. Check it out! (Complex Magazine)

street art2

Throwback Thursday | Terror TrollZ “ADMIT IT”

The Golden Era of Hip-Hop was not as golden as everyone would have you believe. In the 90’s some people were missing the Motown Era’s softer sound in Hip-Hop music. The kind of music today’s rappers get criticized for. Almost everyone was supposedly hard core and if you grew up in the hood you knew that was mathematically impossible. So somebody was FRONTING, everybody couldn’t be a gangster. I say that to say this; allot of MC’s were just lying on records. That was totally unacceptable at that time because Hip-Hop’s slogan was “keep it real”. However, today history reports that they were just talking about what they saw in their neighborhoods, so that gets a pass. Real Hip-Hop MC’s on the other hand were living the lyrics in their songs. That was the main controversy in Hip-Hop at that time. I would say real MC’s are the reason for some of society’s social and political changes, because they told their stories from an honest place. There are millions of these records online because not all of them were able to capture their dream of success. This track is a tribute to Hip-Hop paving the way.


digging in the crates

Hip-Hop Producers and DJ’s historically would travel far and near to record stores, yard sales, church basements and even record conventions to find that rare piece of vinyl. They hoped that the recordings found would have that unique break or sample that could be used to produce the worlds next hit record. This is considered an art and some purists still do it that way today. However, with the help of the internet these old recordings are being uploaded in MP3 format to YouTube and other places. The new Crate Digging tradition is just finding those rare jewels online instead of physically traveling in search of them. On the other hand, someone has to go out to find the records worthy of uploading online. (A Diggers Dream) Producer Quelle Chris from Detroit had this to say “When you find something on vinyl it has a more magical feel for potential than when you find it on the internet”.(Noisey) That may be true, but in today’s fast paced society that could be a disadvantage for some producers. What makes it difficult is that the term “Digging” comes from the actual act, but now it’s been adapted to be used with current tech trends.

Vinyl records are still widely available to collectors and classic DJ’s even though the vast majority choose to use the MP3 format exclusively. Real digging in a physical record bin is just way more fun. Regardless, Crate Digging (or Net sampling) is a tradition within Hip-Hop that continues to thrive.

Graffiti | Dieci DOES x Ironlak

Does is a Dutch graffiti master who is known for the distinctive lettering which is his signature style. For Decades his art has been showcased on walls throughout the world. Does was also a professional footballer in Holland for over a decade, playing his last game in 2008.(GlobalStreetArt.Com) It goes to show that although engaged in other professions, a lot of Hip-Hop artist still continue to sharpen their craft and add on to Hip-Hop culture.

Joos van Barneveld, november 2011.