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Brought to you from the archives, Chello Hollyday working the stage on the Apollo in the 90’s.

2 time Apollo winner Chello Hollyday has been entertaining crowds for years performing live all over the US. He is also an established song writer/producer. His talent is well known to some throughout the industry, and we are proud to be releasing his next project on Biltmore Records.


Download MY SUGGESTION by HAN-AN on iTunes Today! Profits from this recording will go to Charity. The track is off his upcoming album titled Philosophical Mockeries. The track was produced by the artist with all live instrumentation on the original version. Intended to have a classic feel, the drum sample is from the teacher KRS1 and delivers a powerful message.




HUGO DA CAPO is working on new material. He calls it ‘The Home Studio Grind’ where he is just creating as many raw songs verses and hooks as humanly possible. I got a chance to hear some of it and he is definitely ready! This track is dirty but check out the flow over the bouncy track. Shout out to the Berg also!

NO INTRO NEEDED | Central Park SummerStage 2014 – The Rocksteady Crew performs!

“While various break beats are being played, the Rocksteady Crew members ATS, Ynot, Easy Roc, Feenix, Masami, Jazzy Jes, Mari and BailRoc the stage to perform with Crazy Legs coming in at the end. SummerStage 2014 ends with a group photo opportunity for the Rocksteady Crew. Happy Anniversary RSC and here’s to many more events like this. Until next year… hopefully.”
BoomBap Nation

Graffiti | Shepard Fairey: Obey This Film

Shepard Fairey: Obey This Film from Brett Novak on Vimeo.

“Several months ago I was commissioned by the Halsey Institute out of Charleston, South Carolina to shoot a short film on the infamous street artist behind OBEY: Shepard Fairey. I definitely knew Shepard’s work, whether it be that repetitive face of Andre the Giant popping up at every street corner I’ve ever been on, or as the Obama Poster that definitely did more for an election than just add aesthetic to it – but I was not aware at how incredibly inspiring Shepard would turn out to be. For a new understanding of how this skateboarder turned mega famed street star turned out to be, check this film out.” – Brett Novak

Updated 2/5/2015

Additional Resources for Shepard Fairey Provided by ARTSY.NET. They include his bio, over 110 of his works, exclusive articles about Fairey, as well as his up-to-date exhibitions – it’s a unique Shepard Fairey resource.

Also included is Artsy’s exclusive interview, in which he discusses everything from his influences to the
technicalities of his process to his personal relationship to the art world.

Shepard Fairey Artsy.Net

How Shepard Farley is debunking the art world

“I’ve never really considered myself a street artist. I consider myself a populist.” – Shepard Fairey

DEEJAYS | 45 King Boiler Room NYC DJ Set [ OFFICIAL VIDEO ]

“legendary hip-hop producer & 7″ encyclopedia, The 45 King, at his home in New Jersey doing an extended DJ set. This guy has produced some of the biggest hip-hop tracks of the past 25 years so it was a stand-up pleasure for him to grace us with an exclusive mix.” Boiler Room Tv

Graffiti | MTN WATER BASED Studio Works X KENOR

MTN WATER BASED Studio Works X KENOR from Montana Colors on Vimeo.

KENOR is the next protagonist in this edition of MTN Water Based Studio Works.
The exhibition, ‘Les Enfants de Kupka’, which took place during the month of April in the French city, Puteaux, united a series of artists who’s work is influenced by the painter Frantisek Kupka. It was in this event where this audiovisual document was presented that takes us one step beyond working in the studio: the exhibition.
The visual spectacle of the act of painting is an important aspect in the work of KENOR although we may not be accustomed to noticing. This video gives us the opportunity to be witnesses to KENOR’s live painting, backed by the quality and comfort that MTN Water Based 300 permits.

Beats | Uncleared Instrumentals 3 – Cashous Clay

International | Trailer “100% DAKAR – more than art”

Trailer “100% DAKAR – more than art” from Sandra Krampelhuber on Vimeo.

“100% DAKAR – more than art” is a filmportrait about the creative arts scene in Dakar, Senegal. Dakar booms with live and this energy can also be found in the creative, artistic and cultural expressions of the city. Many young artists in Dakar took on the role as agents of change of their generation. “100% Dakar” visits fashion designers, Hip Hop musicians, graffiti artists, a photographer, an art blogger, dancers and many other artists and cultural entrepreneurs who stand for creativity, passion, social conscience and a collective, creative fight against all economic and political burdens in the sense of “l’union fait la force” (“unity is strength”). With Didier Awadi, Moona, Baay Sooley, Omar Victor Diop, Selly Raby Kane, Madzoo, Docta, Ben-J, Doulsy, Andreya Ouamba, Fatou Cissé, and many more.”


NEWS | Chicago’s Bloody Holiday Weekend

For a city that is not even half the size of New York to have an average of 500 Homicides a year, compared to NY with 350, is staggering. I remember the “Stop the Violence” movement in the 80’ and that having some effect on the youth of the time. I am not sure if something like that is in the works again, but something needs to be done. It was definitely sad to see this happen over the holiday weekend.

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