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New Music from HAN-AN titled “Are You Already Ready?” Produced by Paul Trahan featuring Dalvin Woods. Lyrics written by Rick Cruz and Sean Howard. Vocals were recorded at Maximus studio’s in Charlotte, NC with Ira Parker (Sound Engineer). The song was mixed and mastered by Paul Trahan of New Orleans, La.

Bboying and House Dance Culture

For those who thought breaking was only done on the big screen, welcome to the world of true bboying and house dancing. Yes, it exists and still thriving around the globe in clubs, concerts and special events. Since the birth of Hip-Hop this element has always existed beneath the surface of the culture and over the years it has been bringing itself back to the forefront. We give mad props to the dancers in this video that were captured in a moment exerting their self-expression and allowing their souls to freestyle to the music. For those of you who are a part of the bboy and house world you understand what it is and know the depth of respect for the art. Shout out to all the underground dancers out there that keep this element alive.