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Technology | New Droid Hologram Phone Comercial

Smartphone-sized 3D projectors promise Star Wars-style hologram calls. Last week the The Wall Street Journal reported that a company called Ostendo Technologies Inc.(Buy Stock) created a chip that can control the color, brightness and angle of individual beams of light across one million pixels. What that means is that this Hologram phone commercial may not be that far off in the future. Again To see the future of technology, all you have to do is pay close attention to sci-fi movies.(DVICE)

Whips | Amazing New Concept Car Fully Equippted With .. Drones?

The ultimate driving machine will soon become equipped with drones. It’s only a concept for now but if left up to the folks at Renault this could become a reality very soon. The concept is that of an SUV or All-Terrain Vehicle equipped with mini launch able drones that scout the road ahead for possible obstructions, in order to map out an alternate route efficiently. There was even the idea of weaponing the drones to sustain against any possible threats, of course that would have to be approved by the appropriate government agency. The drones can be controlled through either a tablet on the dash or by setting GPS waypoints instantly beaming pictures back to the vehicle. Again this is only a concept but imagine using this on your way to the office. You would start the car, launch the drones and set a course that always avoids traffic.