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Day 3 | Peaceful, Organized & On Message

Directly following the looting and rioting that occurred the first night, the City seemed to come together to peacefully protest the officer involved shooting and subsequent death of Keith Lamont Scott. Charlotte is a great City and I believe that everyone here was surprised by the violent protesters looting and destroying this City that we all love. This is the City where the Charlotte Hornets and Carolina Panthers Play. The City where so many of us go on the weekends to blow off steam, either at the Epicenter or any of the other Bars or Venues about town. To see a curfew imposed and the National Guard called in was truly surprising to say the least. However, it is also inspiring to see peaceful protesters of all nationalities and backgrounds protesting the injustices that continuously occur by Police upon people of color. Ultimately we are living in a tumultuous time were political divisiveness and racial injustice and inequality have come to a head. However, the unity displayed on this third night by Atlanta protesting in unison was an outstanding testament to the commitment the public has to the continued fight for change. Salute to all of the peaceful protesters.

Day 3 - Peaceful, Organized & On Message

Technology: Security drones patrolling cities in the near future

If you ever read the book 1984 that coined the phrase “big brother is watching” you would agree that what we could only imagine decades ago is now becoming a reality. Not focusing on the book’s communistic concept but the idea of this kind of technology being used in general civilian area’s for protection is awesome. Cyber Security is a hot topic and drones assisting with physical security within our cities does not sound like a bad thing. Even in Tom Cruse’s recent film Oblivion they depicted drones securing the parameter and making sure that all areas of the planet were secure. The bottom line is this, what we used to see in sci-fi movies like Star Track, StarGate, Star Wars etc. could be reality in the near future.

Bboying | Bboy junior Official New Trailer 2014

‘Bboy junior, real name Bosila Banya, was born in Zaire, central Africa. As a child, he always was on his hands performing tricks to impress friends and family. He moved to france at around the age of 5 and in 1997 saw a tv show about breakdancing that made him realize that was what he wanted to do. Even though Bboy Junior’s leg has polio, he pursued breakdance with dedication and was mentored by Jeff and Rudy. In 2001, he then joined the wanted posse crew that soon gained popularity around the world.

He has since then won many battles and is said by many newbies to be the best breakdancer in the world. On the contrary other bboys say he’s just too repetive or hate on the fact that his legs are lighter than normal making it easier for him.’

Burn Battle School 2014 Judges Showcase feat. Xisco, Junior & Kujo

MCing |New Music Wu-Tang Clan “Keep Watch”

Check out the first release from WU-TANG’S A Better Tomorrow LP. The record is featuring Method Man, Inspectah Deck, Cappadonna and GZA. They are unquestionably among the best MC’s in the game and this record is an instant classic.


R&B | Flashback to “Before The Rise” Charlotte Host Danyelle Cherece

Before the Rise was a weekly event that Biltmore Records put together with T. Fant PR back in 2011. The event was at Jet Lounge now called Society Nightclub. This video is of Danyelle Cherece the host of the event and one of the most amazing voices in the QC. The sound quality is not that good but this was defiantly an amazing song and night at “Before the Rise”. Shout out to T.Fant, DJ Badalla “B”, The Band and everyone that made “Before the Rise” a great event.

New Music From HUGO DA CAPO To Be Premiered On the Big Tyme Radio Show 103.3 FM Charlotte

CIAA week officially starts on February 24th but to kind of kick off the pre celebrations HUGO DA CAPO will be Premiering New Music on WGIV 103.3 FM’s “Big Tyme Radio Show” Friday February 21st at 10PM. We would like you all to listen in and call up to let us know what you think. The number to the station is 704-553-1370. Biltmore Records would also like to thank the Big Tyme Radio Show for putting “Make It Official” in rotation. The Big Tyme Radio Show Air’s every Friday and Saturday Night from 10PM – 12AM. It’s a great show so make sure to lock them in when you’re in the QC. You can also listen online to the stations live stream here: BIG TYME RADIO SHOW FRIDAY AND SATURDAY 10PM-12AM

Big Tyme Fler

Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour by Cirque du Soleil Will Be In Charlotte April 8th & 9th

A lot of people have been talking about the MJ Cirque Du Soleil Tour and it will be in here Charlotte on April 8th & 9th. It also reminded me of this great dub step video I saw a few months ago check it out. I attached the link for the tour that will be at Time Warner Cable Arena.



CIAA EVENTS February 27 – March 1 | For the Full List of CIAA Events check out CLT PARTY.COM

So here’s the thing, if you watched the Scratch Documentary displaying the origins of Hip-Hop you see DJ Red Alert right there with Bambotta and Kool Herc. If you don’t know who they are please watch the documentary. What I think is that since Dj Red Alert is a hip-hop pioneer his party should get a little more light, but hey that’s just me. I originally was only going to post the old school events first but somehow WP just did its own thing after loading a few flyers. The error was not intentional. In any event there is a lot going on in the City and here are just a few that I found courtesy of CLT Party.com.

CLT PARTY.COM has the full list of events going on in Charlotte for CIAA Week. Here are just a few and we will add more but we just found this great website that has all of the event info. Check it out!!