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Ready for Hillary 2016′

“Power Corrupts & Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” – John Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron Acton

Message to Voters regarding the 2016 Election,

I guess the funny thing is that the same people Hillary labeled as Super Predators now make up a Good portion of the Black and Latino vote. I also remember when Bill Clinton finalized NAFTA, (National Free Trade Agreement), an agreement that crippled local economies and industries throughout the country. During the debates, the media somehow blamed Nixon for this; however I remember watching it live on television in 1993, myself. So how can we trust the media to be honest with the public without steering them or allowing them to make an honest decision? I have seen firsthand how those local economies that depended on those industries were impacted by the unfair trade agreements. If the Clintons were asked for a real answer to those and any other questions, I’m sure the response would be that those decisions were the best descions that could have been made at the time based on their level of perception. I understand that. The question is, on Election Day, do you?

I also wish there could be a three party system, but in reality that could really never work. For example if Bernie Sanders lost to Clinton and then went back and ran as an Independent, neither Hillary Clinton nor Bernie Sanders would stand a chance at winning because they would split their parties votes.

So any way you look at it in this election, a vote for an Independent is a vote for Trump. Or if you choose to not participate, that is also a vote for Trump. If you don’t believe that your vote counts then you are disloyal to your ancestors who fought for that right…and it’s a vote for Trump. Get it??? Is or was the Election rigged? Do the Rothschild’s and Rockefellers control the world? Well it really doesn’t matter right now. The only thing that you can control is your one vote. You have control over your vote and also knowing that you did the right thing. So get involved in the process on all levels and unify our vote.

Quite Honestly, I do not know Trump and I do not know Hillary Clinton. I only know of their accomplishments and track record. I have heard Locker Room Talk before (mostly in Jr. High) and although I don’t agree with that language, I understand that kind of Alpha Male Egotistical language can be a sharp contrast to a person’s real outlook. As it relates to Hip-Hop? Come on let’s be real… I personally would like that kind of language totally taken out of our music period. It’s pure stupidity at this point in our evolution.

I don’t care about the e-mails that were deleted. I don’t pretend to understand all of the intricacies or the diplomatic decision making that goes into making sure that the world’s economy is not destabilized by some random sociopath or any other radical extremist groups. You should not pretend to understand the role of the Secretary of State either, or what should have been done based on your favorite media outlet or political affiliation.

I don’t care about how the Clinton Foundation was funded; mainly because the Foundation has shown that those funds were used for a good cause. I don’t care if the bag (money) was personally delivered by Pablo Escobar Himself. Does Washington need to be reformed? Yes. Is this the right time to do it? Is Trump the right candidate to do it? Trump obviously speaks for allot of people that are in need of something, and this is America, so like it or not those concerns need to be addressed.

The fact of the matter is Hillary Clinton is a woman who has dedicated her Life to Public Service. I like that and believe that she is the best person for the job. I care about forward progression. The policies that President Obama put in place will take time to work. I trust my past two Presidential votes and would like to see the glass ceiling shattered for everyone. Barack and Michelle’s endorsement of Hillary is good enough for me no matter what the mistakes of the past were. Now if you disagree with the Fact that POTUS has brought this country out of the recession of 2008 and placed us back on the right track, then you my friend are an extremist who listens to the media and does not research the FACTS for himself. We’re still cool tho… You have the right to your opinion, as do I. and that is why after careful research and analysis of the situation, I AM WITH HER!

Best Regards,

Rick M. Cruz
Biltmore Records Inc.