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DEEJAYS | 45 King Boiler Room NYC DJ Set [ OFFICIAL VIDEO ]

“legendary hip-hop producer & 7″ encyclopedia, The 45 King, at his home in New Jersey doing an extended DJ set. This guy has produced some of the biggest hip-hop tracks of the past 25 years so it was a stand-up pleasure for him to grace us with an exclusive mix.” Boiler Room Tv

Beats | Uncleared Instrumentals 3 – Cashous Clay


Enjoy and Be Educated #1425: The Allowance Money Mix, Part 4 (Old School Hip-Hop) by The Diggers Union Local 1200 on Mixcloud

01. Funky 4 +1 – “That’s the Joint”
02. Afrika Bambaataa & The Jazzy 5 – “Jazzy Sensation”
03. Chubb Rock – “Ya Bad Chubbs”
04. DJ Jazzy Jeff – “A Touch of Jazz”
05. King Sun – “Snakes”
06. MC Shy D – “So Take That”
07. Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth – “Funky Technician”
08. Lord Shafiyq – “My Mic is on Fire”
09. MC Watchout & DJ OZ – “My Tom Tom”
10. Mikey D & The L.A. Posse – “My Telephone”
11. T La Rock – “Scratch Monopoly”
12. Black, Rock N Ron – “That’s How I’m Livin’”
13. The Juice Crew – “Juice Crew All Stars”
14. JVC Force – “Strong Island”
15. MC Shan – “Down By Law”
16. Extra Curricular – “I’m Tee Love”
17. Kid N’ Play – “Last Night”
18. MC Mitchski – “Brooklyn Blew Up the Bridge”
19. Loose J & The Master Of Wax – “Hi Lo Cut”
20. The Classical Two – “Rap’s New Generation”
21. Spyder D & DJ Doc – “I Can’t Wait (To Rock The Mic)”
22. Ice-T – “Ya Played Yourself”
23. Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde – “AM/PM”
24. The Show Boys – “Drag Rap”
25. The Treacherous 3 Feat. Spoonie Gee – “The New Rap Language”

DeeJayen | 45 King Making The Beat Demos 1

DJ Mark “The 45 King” is well known for his production with the “Flavor unit” and “Queen Latifah”, but the underground Deejay/Producer also has a whole range of hit records from 1987 – 2000. (45king.com) Check out his latest break beat video titled 45 King Making the Beat Demos 1. (More..)

International| Mr. Carmack Boiler Room Set

Boiler Room is the world’s leading underground music show. Their website showcases a variety of international shows. (Boiler Room.Com) This is Mr. Carmack a London based Dj showing off some of his smooth beats and mixes. It’s pretty dope so press play and let it rock this morning!