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Beyonce’ Just stunted on the whole game – NEW RULES


Well Beyonce is at it again claiming her thrown and reminding everyone across the industry she is the Queen B of this game. Stealthily dropping an album with no notice or hint to a world that is used to lead time and ample preparation for what will come. Instead she basically said “here is your order and yes I super sized it, now handle that.” How did she super size it you might ask? Well for one, no one has ever taken a risky approach releasing an album in such a manor thus making her a game changer for stepping outside the box and raising the bar from a business perspective. Two, with this album not only is she offering her music she’s bringing it full circle with a visual connection to the album with 17 videos. Yes, you heard me 17 and they are all hot. These are not just any videos, these videos are showing a side of Beyonce we have never seen, allowing her to connect to her fans and will even recruit new ones. Last but not least three, she is sending a message to empower women to step out of conformity to embrace who they are and to be risk takers that aspire to be what they want to become in society. Overall this is not just any album, she has tore down walls and broke barriers with this album that has all eyes on her and taking notes. All I can say is what a way to bring in the New Year, go ahead and rock that crown because you just showed the world you own it.



The Art Of Beatboxing

Back in the day MC’s would kick rhymes to the beats pounded on lunch room tables and when a table was not available, if they were lucky, they had a friend who could beat box. Today, the art of Beat boxing is still a part of Hip-Hop culture, so I thought it would be cool to take a closer look at it. We all know the legends like Doug E Fresh, Buffy of the Fat Boys, Rahzel formerly of the Roots Crew, and Biz Markie (just to name a few), but there’s also the new generation beat boxers like Feng and Peterpot out of Canada. Check out the link to the 2013 Beatbox Battle Championship.

A recent study done by the University Of Southern California showed an MRI of an artist demonstrating Beatboxing effects, including kick drum, high hats, and cymbals in freestyle sequences. The article stated that the MRI provides conclusive evidence “that Beatboxing includes laryngeal lowering and lingual retraction, labial approximation, velic raising (to seal the nasopharynx off from the oral vocal tract, of course) and rapid raising of the tongue dorsal”. What does that all mean? Well, when accredited universities do studies and classes around a subject it ultimately means that it has reached a point of legitimacy within popular culture. Just goes to show another element of our culture is making progress proving it’s existence and is here to stay. “All this time, these artists thought they were just making beats”. Check out the video and let us know what you think!

Rahzel Beatbox – Four Elements